Billet prices increase, pig iron prices tend to increase
release time:2018-05-09 16:20      Published author:Wuhu Fuxin Iron and Steel

During the week, domestic steel billet prices continued to rise, and most of the downstream finished products prices also rose in varying degrees. Xuzhou manufacturers continue to suspend orders. Tangshan billet prices rose slightly. During the week, the start-up rate and capacity utilization rate of the billet-slab rolling plant, which mainly consisted of profiled steel, declined slightly, and the wire rod manufacturer was still in a state of production suspension. The increase in the supply of billet resources was limited, while the downstream billet rolling mills did not weaken the consumption intensity of billets despite the existence of maintenance and narrowing of the profit of rolling lines. With the continuous rise in the price of billets, the profitability of rolling mills has been further compressed, and the futures market has been pushed down. The steel billet market has turned from strong to weak again in the near future. With the internationalization of iron ore and the uncertainty of Sino-U.S. trade negotiations, it may lead to different trends in the billet spot market. It is expected that the late billet market will be adjusted to operate weakly.

During the week, the domestic pig iron market continued to rise and the market transactions were better. The Xuzhou ironworks ceased production, and individual iron plants had a small amount of inventory, and their attitude of reluctant sellers was strong, and the price was once again higher. Tangshan has continued to increase prices for finished products, steel mills have increased their enthusiasm for buying pig iron, coupled with tight peripheral resources and higher selling prices. At present, the inventories of subway plants are at a low level. Many iron ore mills maintain zero inventory or negative inventory status. With the rising prices of raw materials, iron ore and coke, and the downstream finished products tend to operate well, the domestic pig iron market continues to rise. At present, the pig iron market has a good deal, and some steel mills have increased their purchase prices, and iron mills have increased their confidence. As the price of steel products has been rising all the time in the earlier period, the market demand has been good, prompting steel mills to increase their demand for pig iron. Judging from the current market situation, rising raw material prices have some support for pig iron prices. At present, the price of pig iron is at a low level, and steel mills have a higher degree of upward adjustment of their prices. Therefore, it is expected that the domestic pig iron market will operate steadily in the later period.

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