Wuhu Fuxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

         Wuhu Fuxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise restructured from original state-owned Fanxin Iron and Steel Factory and established in 2003 according to Company Law. Meanwhile, it obtained Production License for Industrial Products, and passed GB/T19001-2008 quality, GB/T24001-2004 environment, GB/28001-2011 occupational safety management system certification, measurement management system certification, energy management system certification, metallurgical commodity (MC) certificate and provincial major energy utilization enterprise General Rule for Accouterment and Management of Energy Metering Instrument of Energy Utilization Unit and other benchmarking acceptances. And it has been continuously awarded with honorary title of “top 50 enterprises among Anhui Top 100 enterprises, “Anhui Level A credit taxpaying unit”, “Anhui Province Energy Saving Advanced Unit”, ”China top 500 private manufactures”, ”Anhui Province Famous Trademark” and other honorary titles, and it is Anhui “861” plan project. It passed Conformity with Specifications of Iron and Steel Industry of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and publicity was conducted in 2014.



Create an International Brand
Core value of Fuxin Iron and Steel:
Integrity - Sincerity, that is, honesty, no deception and honest to heart internally. Faith, that is, keep promise and faith, do what one says, trust others and adhere to it although suffering from frustration and paying a price.
Integrity is a kind of responsibility, criterion and resource.
Quality - Quality is a kind of pursuit for keeping improving, which must meet the demands of customer and be higher than the degree of satisfaction to competitor.
Quality is achieved through design, and it is a system engineering which is concerned by the whole staff and intertwined with each other.
Continuously enhancing product quality is not only our value, but also more our dignity.
Team - There is no success of individual without success of a team.
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